Vice President Mike Pence visits Wingate University, pulls for Dan Bishop in last minute push for congressional seat

Vice President Mike Pence visits Wingate University, pulls for Dan Bishop in last minute push for congressional seat
Vice President Mike Pence visited Wingate University to rally for Dan Bishop before elections on Tuesday, September 10.

UNION COUNTY, N.C. (WBTV) - Tuesday’s District 9 special election is prompting both the President and Vice President to make a trip to North Carolina.

Vice President Mike Pence stopped by Wingate University to show his support for Republican Dan Bishop.

In the last push to pull voters in, Vice President Mike Pence said to make sure you vote for the right Dan on Election Day.

“Dan McCready doesn’t represent the values that make North Carolina strong and safe and Dan Bishop does. We need Dan Bishop,” said Pence.

The support from the White House was very evident as Mick Mulvaney, a cabinet member and the White House Chief of staff was there rallying too. The Vice President went on to say that Dan Bishop's resume speaks for itself.

According to him, the tax cuts we’ve seen for families in North Carolina, Bishop’s votes over the last five years to give teachers a pay raise and his promises to rebuild our military after years of budget cuts is every reason for the state senator to have a spot in the US Congress.

“He’s been delivering,” Pence continued.

During his plea to voters, the Vice President also noted this battle for a congressional seat could very well help President Trump eventually in the 2020 elections. If Bishop is elected that means Republican majority in the house.

“You need that kind of leadership in Washington, DC,” Pence said.

Immigration reform, pro-life laws and job restoration was also discussed.

In the world of politics, we’ve learned to expect protesters. Just outside of the fine arts building, dozens of Wingate University staff and students chanted away, while Union County sheriff deputies stood guard to make sure things didn’t get out of hand.

“It’s just heartbreaking to hear people voice that level of hate,” said Matthew Warren, a senior.

Not only does he disagree with everything Dan Bishop stands for, he’s upset that classes were cancelled for the rally.

“I’m really disappointed in administration for accepting this event...we’re all missing the classes that we paid for, that tax dollars paid for. Everything was cancelled today, the university has been put on hold just to host this event,” said Warren.

With a standing ovation to end his speech, the Vice President said we have more that unites us, than divides us. At the end of the day, he’s hoping voters who support Bishop carry that same energy come next November.

“Keep America Great,” said Pence.

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