School on Ocracoke Island flooded, damaged following Dorian

School on Ocracoke Island flooded, damaged following Dorian

OCRACOKE ISLAND, N.C. (WBTV) - As so many across the Atlantic and along the east coast recover from the destruction left behind by Dorian, communities in our state of North Carolina are trying to do the same.

Days after Hurricane Dorian wreaked havoc along the coast, North Carolina’s Ocracoke Island is now dealing with the damage left behind.

“The entire community was hit by a storm surge of 7 to ten feet, that means all the homes all the businesses and the school," says North Carolina State Superintendent Mark Johnson. "We’re getting very bad reports from that school, all of it was under water.”

The only school on the island, the Ocracoke School, was badly flooded and damaged.

“There is a school out on Ocracoke island. It is K-12. It serves just that small little community," says Johnson.

The school that serves just over 100 students—reported two damaged roofs, broken windows, baseball facility damage and walkway covers destroyed. But posting this on Facebook saying—"we will rebuild and come back stronger than ever.”

But state leaders say its going to take money and funding to make that happen.

“Most of the island was underwater. So we are assessing right now immediately what we do for those students," says Johnson.

“We really dodged a big one on this storm.”

Johnson says agents are assessing the damage to the school now to figure how much will come from insurance.

“Once we have those insurance estimates I’ll work with the general assembly to see if we can get more money to fill those gaps and get that school up and running as quickly as possible," he says.

(Source: NCDOT Twitter)
(Source: NCDOT Twitter)

Just like with Florence when over 100 million dollars in addition to federal and insurance funds were provided, getting funding for those schools effected by Dorian, Johnson says, is top priority.

“Schools give that type of community,” Johnson explained. "Once the schools are back up and running it gives that sense of normalcy again.”

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