McCready campaign keeps things small in contrast to big visit from Trump

McCready campaign keeps things small in contrast to big visit from Trump
Dan McCready fires up his supporters before they reach out to potential voters. (Source: WBTV)

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WBTV) - On the last day before the election, Democrat Dan McCready is drawing a major distinction between his campaign and his opponent Republican Dan Bishop’s campaign. While Bishop is bringing in the big guns (President Donald Trump and Vice-President Mike Pence) McCready says he’s focusing on reaching voters at their level.

On Sunday and Monday, he gave short stump speeches in front of supporters getting ready to knock on doors of potential voters in Fayetteville.

“There’s a lot of energy on our side and people are really ready for change,” McCready told WBTV.

Monday, McCready practiced like he preached and was shaking hands with business owners and voters in downtown Fayetteville. His campaign team said they hoped to reach 100,000 voters across the district with all of the canvassers.

“My ask of you is that you pour out everything you’ve got into this canvass,” McCready told his supporters Sunday.

Natalie Niemeyer came from Raleigh to knock on doors for McCready Sunday.

She says her main motivation was the election fraud scandal in the last race between McCready and Mark Harris that lead to a new election.

“I feel strongly about election integrity,” Niemeyer said.

“Also Dan McCready is also just a really good candidate, he’s a great guy, a veteran and I feel like he stands up for the things I stand up for.”

In four houses, Niemeyer only spoke with one homeowner. She said she already voted for McCready.

Many of the potential voters have already been approached by McCready supporters, but in one of the most expensive and hotly contested congressional races in North Carolina history, each interaction counts.

McCready says it’s those that will win the election, not a visit from the President.

“I think Dan Bishop is obviously afraid to run on his record of taking healthcare away from people so he’s bringing in everyone to try and bail him out,” McCready said.

“We’re going to keep doing what we’ve been doing for 27 months.”

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