Investigation continuing after Rowan Animal Services takes 64 dogs out of home

Investigation continuing after Rowan Animal Services takes 64 dogs out of home

ROWAN COUNTY, N.C. (WBTV) - Sixty-four puppies and older dogs were taken from a Rowan County home recently, investigators confirm.

The seizure took place last week, according to Bob Pendergrass, Director of Rowan Animal Services.

Animal control got those dogs safely from a house near Faith into their shelter after a tip from a concerned neighbor.

Eric Williams is the animal cruelty investigator handling the case.

One of the dogs he found in the home is an 11-year-old French bulldog, Chloe, that he describes as sweet and curious.

But when Eric first met Chloe, she was not happily getting a back scratch.

She was in a house filled with more than 60 dogs.

“It’s just chaos in the house, dogs are running everywhere, fighting,” said Williams. "They’re going to the bathroom in the house, there’s a lot of ammonia, it’s tough to breath, smell.”

Williams was called to a home in Faith where dozens of dogs were found living in unsanitary conditions.

“A lot of the owners start out with good intentions. Something happens in their life that causes an emotional issue and it spirals out of control," said Williams.

“People fall on hard times but the animals shouldn’t have to suffer for it,” said Williams.

“It breaks my heart. Not just for the dogs but for the owner as well,” said Vickie Peeler, a dog rescuer.

Vickie Peeler heard about all the dogs and came to help.

She wasn't alone.

When she came to Rowan Animal Control on Monday, 63 other families had come before her and adopted the dogs rescued from the home.

“You see the animals in the conditions were in and you get them out of there then families come in, little kids it’s going to be their new best friend,” said Williams.

New best friends for all the pups but one -- Chloe.

On Monday, Peeler packed up Chloe to go to a French bulldog rescue where she’ll find a forever home.

“A lot of times when they come from a situation like that they are incredible scared. To see them overtime gain trust with humans and accept being loved it’s incredible to know you are a part of that," said Peeler.

If you think something is wrong report to animal control asks that you please call them so they can just go out and help check it out.

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