Glancing blow by Dorian leaves spotty damage behind on Oak Island

Some coastal communities spared from Hurricane Dorian

OAK ISLAND, N.C. (WBTV) - They are calling it a wobble out to sea, but whatever it was, the slight movement in direction that Hurricane Dorian took late Thursday made a big difference on Oak Island.

The eye passed far enough offshore to lessen the impacts that were expected.

“We got lucky,” said one resident Friday morning.

The storm did leave water in the streets and tore off the roof of the local car wash and knocked down a few trees. Some homes lost shingles and siding, but that was the extent of damage.

The storm surge was responsible for the continued street flooding on Friday but as part that surge, Dorian did something Hurricane Florence did not do in 2018. It left tons of sand behind. Some dunes that had been breached during the King High Tides last week were filled in.

“It’s only right the storm left something useful behind,” one man said about all the worry and time prepping for Dorian.

As lucky as folks felt, they also said this was to time to relax with so much of the hurricane season still left.

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