Charlotte missions ministry collecting supplies to deliver to Bahamas

Charlotte missions ministry collecting supplies to deliver to Bahamas

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Members of the Ambassadors to the Nations missions ministry are currently collecting supplies that can be sent to the hurricane-ravaged regions of the Bahamas.

Karen Jolley, and her husband , Darey, have been running the operation for years. They work in conjunction with the Freedom Christian Center church off of Freedom Drive in west Charlotte. Through the ministry, the Jolley family has traveled to several countries to set up schools and provide people with supplies.

"Oh it's amazing. We love helping these people. We actually take the stuff ourself and distribute it,” Jolley told WBTV in an interview Friday night.

Naturally, when Jolley saw the impact of Hurricane Dorian on the Bahamas, she knew her organization could help those in need.

“Immediately, as soon as I heard the devastation, I just started posting on Facebook and all of our partners that we need to reach out from our ministry and reach out from our ministry and help and send supplies,” said Jolley.

The ministry has collected various items that are sent to different poverty-stricken countries around the world. The facility is full of food, shoes, and school supplies. The group has already started a collection for the Bahamas.

"We have so much to offer. For us to give up a few dollars to buy a few articles to bless them is nothing," said Jolley.

The ministry is asking for the community to chip in. They’re looking for simple items like non-perishable food and hygiene supplies. They are only looking for new products.

"Let's get them some water. Let's get them food. Let's get them some things they need. And let's do it quickly," said Jolley.

She hopes to have the supplies on the road to Florida by September 16th. From there, the items will be flown to the Bahamas.

Anyone who would like to donate to the ministry can contact the group online at Donations can also be made at the ministry’s facility located at 4020 Freedom Drive.

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