“Bloody Five,” residents along SC Hwy 5 warn of dangers of the road

“Bloody Five,” residents along SC Hwy 5 warn of dangers of the road

ROCK HILL, S.C. (WBTV) - Two fatal crashes claimed multiple lives on Highway 5 in South Carolina over the past few days.

The first on Tuesday killed Grammy-winning songwriter, 41-year-old Lashawn Daniels and 32-year-old Jackie Moss.

Just two days later, a bailiff in York County was killed in a crash on that same highway while on his way to work.

South Carolina Highway Patrol says there have been more than 100 crashes on South Carolina Highway Five so far this year.

Residents in the area say they have sadly come to expect crashes on this stretch of road - so much so that they call it by a different name.

“People around here, they call this road Bloody Five," said Lisa McCraney, a resident living on SC Hwy 5 for the past 23 years.

McCraney says South Carolina Highway 5 has earned that moniker.

She recounts witnessing 23 years of accidents - memorable, tragic and fatal.

“A car went airborne into our woods while our children were outside playing," said McCraney.

She asked the state to turn their attention to Bloody Five.

“Something needs to be done, our children are going to be killed," said McCraney.

Other neighbors agreed - and guardrails were installed.

“They put up a guard rail but honey they just go through it,” said Lola Totherow, a resident living on SC Hwy 5 for 20 years.

“People just fly, they don’t care up and down this road," said Haleigh Rowell, who works on the highway.

In 2019 there have been 130 crashes on SC Hwy 5, according to Highway Patrol.

Six lives have been lost in those accidents.

Three just this week.

“I heard all these sirens going out and I said oh no, don’t tell me something else has happened down there," said McCraney.

On Tuesday, Grammy-winning songwriter LaShawn Daniels and Jackie Moss died on Highway 5.

Thursday, beloved York County bailiff Charles Dunlap lost his life in a separate crash 20 miles away.

Highway Patrol says speed and distracted driving are to blame for most of the crash on SC Hwy 5.

“It’s a race track,” said Totherow.

“Be late, whatever just to save somebodies life, save your own life," said Rowell.

Highway Patrol is still investigating both crashes from this week.

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