Comparing hurricanes: Matthew vs Dorian

How does Dorian compare to Hurricane Matthew?

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Many people have been asking how Hurricane Dorian will compare to Hurricane Matthew which took a similar path past the Carolina coast in 2016.

Oddly enough, the two storms started off on vastly different tracks with Matthew far to the south of Dorian in the early stages.

But sure enough, their paths converged along the east coast of the United States and it appears they will closely mirror each other as Dorian is projected to slide along the South and North Carolina coastline Thursday through Friday morning.

Matthew is probably best remembered for it’s prolific rainfall as a wide area from Florence/Darlington South Carolina all the way through Raleigh and surrounding regions saw amounts ranging from a whopping 10–15 inches of rainfall from that storm.

The unnerving part of this comparison is the fact Matthew was a Category 1 hurricane as it passed by Wilmington whereas Dorian is forecast to be a Category 2.

But the amount of rainfall is less about what category the storm is and more about it’s size and forward speed. Both of those two elements have yet to be determined precisely until Dorian finally makes its exit on Friday.

Obviously if the storm slows, as Florence did last year with her 20” – 30” of rain, that will make things worse. So let’s hope Dorian moves through our region as quickly as possible and minimizes the threat of widespread flooding!

Meteorologist Eric Thomas

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