Carolina Panthers ready for the defending NFC Champs

Carolina Panthers ready for the defending NFC Champs

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - To be the best, you have to beat the best. The Carolina Panthers will start 2019 with the best team in the NFC from 2018 and that’s the Los Angeles Rams.

“When you go into a season, you don’t want to ease into it--you wanna know how good you are right now.” said Panthers safety Tre Boston. “This is a test for us. We’re a championship caliber team and they are too. To face a team like that week one, it means a lot."

The Rams will certainly test the Panthers in all phases on Sunday at Bank of America Stadium but the biggest challenge will be trying to slow down the Rams offense.

Last season, Los Angeles has the 2nd best offense in the league led by quarterback Jared Goff who completed 64% of his passes on his way to throwing for over 46 hundred yeards and 32 TD. He finished the season with a quarterback rating of 101.1.

They also have one of the best running backs in the game in North Carolina native Todd Gurley. In an injury plagued season, Gurley still managed over 12 hundred yards rushing and 17 TD.

“There’s a difference between a running back and a weapon-- he’s a weapon,” said Panthers defensive lineman Gerald McCoy. “He can do everything. If you want to make him a power back, he can be that. You want to make him a zone guy which is what he really does well, he can be that. If you want to split him out, he can do that. He’s really, really, really good.”

As good as the Rams were last season, that offense didn’t show up in the Super Bowl as they were held to just 3 points by the New England Patriots.

Why not do exactly what the Patriots did to them come this Sunday?

“If you are going to rely on one game, then you are wrong,” said Panthers head coach Ron Rivera. “You have to go back and look at all 19 that were played and quite honestly, went back to 2017 to look at some of the stuff that they did. We have to be on our game. We have to be confident in what you are doing but you also have to be prepared for what they could potentially do.”

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