‘Renewal’ school plan, is it working? State releases report

‘Renewal’ school plan, is it working? State releases report
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ROWAN COUNTY, N.C. (WBTV) - The results of a state report on the Rowan-Salisbury Schools Renewal plan have been released.

In a press release provided to WBTV, local leaders say the report shows several positive points.

The 2018-2019 Accountability Report was released Wednesday during the NC State Board of Education’s monthly meeting. This report provides information mostly regarding student proficiency on state standardized tests, which show a slight difference of 1 percent compared to last year’s proficiency for the district as a whole.

In a message yesterday informing staff of the state’s accountability release, RSS Superintendent Dr. Lynn Moody stated that, “We will assess these results as a piece of data that reflects how our students performed on one test in the overall big picture of student growth and learning.”

New Direction Through Renewal

According to the press release, as the North Carolina’s Renewal School System, the district has focused on transforming education. This means that educators are taking a deeper and more personal approach to the education given to each student. Staff has been challenged to focus on children’s unique needs, passions and strengths and not test scores. In her message, Dr. Moody expressed to staff that she is proud they are following this path and of the progress the district has made towards the new directional system. “We are now more focused on the overall needs of our children than we have ever been,” explained Moody.

With the new RSS Renewal Directional System, teachers will be ensuring that each student at every school is an engaged learner by:

  • Mastering fundamental standards in English, math, science, and social studies
  • Setting goals based on their unique smartness, career aspirations, and personal passions
  • Developing interpersonal skills in order to thrive as productive citizens and employees

New Accountability Model For Renewal

Dr. Moody explained that there is an obvious vacuum created because of what the state uses for their test-based accountability model and the robust new accountability model that RSS will be developing through Renewal. Over the next two months, the district will be finalizing this new accountability model that values and recognizes the new directional system.

The goal through Renewal is that each student who graduates will either be employed, enlisted, or enrolled in a career pathway, prepared for meaningful work, and connected to personal passions.

Graduation Rates and Scholarships Increase

The 2018-2019 RSS high school graduation rate increased across the district to 85.4 percent over last year’s graduation rate of 84.5 percent. Another exciting statistic for Rowan-Salisbury high schools has been the consistent increase in the amount of scholarships offered to students – over $33 million in 2019.

Moody concludes by saying, “We believe strongly that children are more than test scores. Our community deserves a school system with autonomy that empowers schools to create an engaged learning environment, so students enjoy learning and teachers enjoy teaching.”

For more information about Renewal, please visit our website at: https://www.rssed.org/about/renewal

More information and accountability data may be obtained from the NC DPI website at: http://www.ncpublicschools.org/accountability/reporting/

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