Myrtle Beach homeowners prepare for hurricane with help from the city

Myrtle Beach homeowners prepare for hurricane with help from the city

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - The city of Myrtle Beach is helping homeowners prepare as a hurricane warning is now in effect for much of the Grand Strand.

The city offered free sand at one of its office locations so residents could make “do-it-yourself” sandbags to help prevent flooding and property damage.

The homeowners filling up sand said most of them weren’t preparing to evacuate, instead they were preparing to bunker down inside their home and wait for the storm to pass.

“I got frozen food so I can warm it up by candlelight so I’m ready,” said Susan Fetters.

This will be Fetters’ first hurricane since purchasing a beach side property in Myrtle Beach less than a year ago. Overall, she’s keeping a positive attitude and staying prepared.

“I’m looking forward to looking for some great seashells after the storm,” said Fetters.

Other locals told us they weren’t worried at all, saying they’ve gone through hurricanes before and have been fine.

“No sense in panicking,” said Thomas Ayres. “If they don’t feel comfortable, definitely evacuate.”

Although the hurricane watch turned into hurricane warning on Tuesday afternoon, tons of kids still took advantage of playing in the sunshine while it lasted. Most businesses and homes weren’t boarded up by Tuesday evening.

Locals are thankful that Hurricane Dorian’s path doesn’t look like it will directly hit the Grand Strand.

“We’re thankful it slowed down,” said Jeff Heckman. “Now we need to make it a little east turn and go back out to sea. Don’t know if that’s going to happen.”

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