Lowe’s sending supplies to the coast in preparation for Hurricane Dorian

Lowe’s sending supplies to the coast in preparation for Hurricane Dorian

STATESVILLE, N.C. (WBTV) - Lowe’s Home Improvement is sending thousands of supplies to the coast in preparation for the impacts of Hurricane Dorian.

The company’s distribution facility in Statesville has been busy this week. Hundreds of workers have been loading and unloading storm supplies that will be shipped to coastal Lowe’s stores.

Alvin Ferrouillet, director of supply chain operations at Lowe’s, gave WBTV a behind-the-scenes look at the company’s massive facility in Statesville.

“This building is 1.5 million square feet. We have about 1,000 people and we run seven days a week around the clock,” explained Ferrouillet in an interview Tuesday.

He said some of the specific items being shipped to coastal stores in bulk include generators, bottled water and gas cans.

“In the hurricane path, there’s about 220 stores. During this last week, we’ve already shipped 4,200 trailers of hurricane product,” said Ferrouillet.

He said that as Hurricane Dorian moves up the coast, the Lowe’s employees have been concentrating their efforts on getting items to North Carolina and South Carolina.

“Demand is really high right now, but this is what we do. We’re here to support our communities and make sure that they have all the necessary product to take care of what they need to prior to a storm coming and then post-storm,” said Ferrouillet.

He said Lowe’s employees have also packed thousands of buckets full of cleaning supplies that will be given out to coastal Lowe’s customers for free.

Ferrouillet said the company tries to strategically plan what people will need before the storm, during the storm, and then after the storm. Employees then try to get those specific products rolled out to the different stores.

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