Free places to stay in Charlotte area for those who need help during Dorian

Free housing for hurricane evacuees

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Hurricane Dorian is tracking our way and there are mandatory evacuation orders out along the North and South Carolina coast. But what if you don’t have anywhere to go?

There are dozens of homes in the Charlotte area that just opened up for free for evacuees and relief workers to stay.

“I use the space for an office typically,” said Rick Tobar, an Open Homes host through Airbnb.

Rick Tobar works from home in Myers Park. But he just gave up that work space so strangers impacted by Dorian could come stay here for free.

“I think people are wise to try and relocate,” said Tobar.

He’s been watching Dorian’s path destroying places he knows well in the Bahamas

“Places we used to go are not there any more, their roof was off, obviously a lot of devastation,” said Tobar.

With evacuations orders now out for parts of North and South Carolina, many people are searching for a place to go. A new Airbnb program gives hosts across the east coast the option to offer up rooms for free.

“I thought it was a great opportunity to reach out and help people with a real need who have no where else to go or no one to turn to,” said Tobar.

In the Charlotte area there are about 30 listings like Tobar’s place.

“I’m sure it doesn’t ease the worry of what’s going on at home for them but they’ve been very thankful,” said Tobar.

Tobar has also opened his home to several other families who needed a safe place to stay during past storms.

“Some have been short stays, a couple days. Some have been weeks and one not quite a month,” said Tobar.

Yes, he says giving up his space for that long can be inconvenient, but worth it.

“It’s just a way to help people who are in need. We’re all apart of the same big world and country so just want to try and help people,” said Tobar.

If you have family in other parts of the southeast who need a place to go, there are about 1,200 total places open for free for those who need help during Hurricane Dorian.

Open Homes for Dorian is running through September 16.

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