Coastal evacuees making their way through Charlotte to avoid Dorian

People evacuate to the Charlotte area ahead of Dorian

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - People living and vacationing along the coast are following the evacuation orders and heading inland ahead of Hurricane Dorian, and many of them are making their way through Charlotte.

“Let’s hope it turns, that’s all I can say," evacuee Robert Pait said. "We don’t need what the Bahamas got.”

Pait left Hilton Head on Monday, and based on what he saw on I-26, plenty of others did the same.

“Bumper-to-bumper traffic,” Pait said. “If I’d had a horse I would’ve ridden a horse and gotten home quicker.”

Drivers heading inland on Tuesday say traffic was not as bad. Lillian and Frank Angell are also coming from Hilton Head after their vacation got cut short.

“We’re disappointed, but mother nature can’t do anything about it,” Angell said.

Mandatory evacuations are startling some people, but Drema Brantley has been through this many times before. She lives on a marsh in Beaufort, South Carolina.

“We’re used to the hurricanes but you never get comfortable,” Brantley said.

She’s headed to stay with family in Virginia, but other family members are hunkering down.

"My sons are on call so they had to stay," Brantley said.

She's praying the hurricane will leave them alone.

“Just go away!” she said.

The Angells are hoping they'll pick up where they left off on Hilton Head.

“We can go north and turn around and come back," Frank Angell said. "We’re not too far away, so we can go back if it veers out to the water more.”

They say the resorts and neighborhoods they stay in along the coast were almost empty, so it’s a sign that people do seem to be heeding the warnings.

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