Red Cross prepared for Dorian as it comes to Carolinas

Local groups and Red Cross prepare for Hurricane Dorian

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) -- The Red Cross is geared up with supplies and plans for how the Charlotte area is going to handle hurricane Dorian.

They say after watching damage video like this from the Bahamas they are taking it as an early warning.

They say the 225 mile-per-hour wind gusts on the island were alarming.

“This is a wake up for all of us to be prepared, this is a monster storm,” said Steve Nason, disaster relief with the Red Cross.

Steve Nason has worked with the Red Cross for 5 years.

He says seeing Dorian’s damage as winds as fast at 220+ mph ripped through the Bahamas was alarming.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been in a storm over say 70 miles per hour so that windspeed is something I can only imagine in terms of its intensity and devastation,” said Nason.

Nason is working to get these disaster trailers full of supplies in case it does his the east coast.

“We are standing ready to open shelters in and if they’re needed," said Nason. “Last year when we had hurricane Florence came through we opened 5 shelters in Mecklenburg County all on the same day.”

They have about 2,000 cots and blankets and boxes of comfort kits ready to go as needed.

“We’re just now waiting for mother nature to inform us what her plans are.”

The Red Cross isn't the only organization sending help to those who need it.

The Billy Graham Rapid Response team will also have resources on the ground once the storm hits the US.

Their team is partnered with a church in the Bahamas and requested prayers from the community for their partners on the island.

“Not only those in the Bahamas but those on the east coast of the US because this hurricane is really a record setter,” said Jack Munday with the Billy Graham rapid response team.

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