N.C. rescue opens temporary shelter for hurricane animals

Shelter to house evacuated animals

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - An animal rescue in Mooresville is looking for volunteers as it opens a temporary emergency shelter for hurricane animals.

Piedmont Animal Rescue taking in animals impacted by Hurricane Dorian. Both North and South Carolina are expected to see effects from the storm.

The shelter has brought dogs in and is expected to receive more dogs from Wilmington within the next couple days.

“They’re good. When they get here, they’re usually happy to get out. They love to go for walks and runs in the yard. And they’re just happy to be safe," Jason Benge, Executive Director for Piedmont Animal Rescue said.

Dorian is heading toward the U.S. mainland after ravaging the Bahamas. Mandatory evacuations have been issued along the Carolina coast.

North Carolina is under a state of emergency.

Piedmont Animal Rescue workers say they are extending their hours from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. as they provide shelter for hurricane animals.

“With the Hurricane fastly approaching we will be getting about 70 animals very soon due the the storm,” Piedmont Animal Rescue posted on Facebook.

*************** BREAKING NEWS *************** Piedmont Animal Rescue is opening a Temporary Emergency Shelter for...

Posted by Piedmont Animal Rescue on Sunday, September 1, 2019

The rescue will temporarily move its office and adoption affairs to a new location for two weeks: 110 Robinson Road in Mooresville. Rescue officials say it’s next to Big Daddy’s on Highway 51.

”Come out and see the Hurricane pets and adopt your new Furry Family member!” the group posted.

The 70 animals that will be housed in the temporary warehouse shelter on Robinson Road are being transported from Florida and South Carolina.

“They’re emptying their rescue,” Jason Benge at the Piedmont Animal Rescue says. “So, they can prepare to take the dogs that lost their owners, and they need to rehome them with their owners.”

Benge says it is a challenge to find places to temporarily board large amounts of animals right now, because of the long holiday weekend. The facility his group is now using is a normally an empty warehouse, which he asked a community member to use for the next few weeks.

“With it being Labor Day weekend, every boarding facility is full,” Benge says. “So, we just had to kind of scramble to get the building, and get kennels.”

Those interested in volunteering can email the rescue center at info@piedmontanimalrescue.com.

The group says they will need lots of help over the next few weeks.

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