JCPS bus driver allegedly assaulted on route by family of rider

JCPS bus driver allegedly attacked by brother and father of student

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - A JCPS bus driver was allegedly attacked by the brother and father of a student who rides his bus, according to the union president.

The incident happened Wednesday afternoon. The district and LMPD confirmed they are investigating.

Teamster Local Union 783 President John Stovall said the driver, who is an ex-marine, was badly hurt but got back on the bus and finished taking the kids home before going to the hospital.

Stovall said there was trouble between two girls as they boarded the bus at Eastern High. When one of the girls asked to get off before the bus left the school, the driver let her leave.

When the driver got to that girls stop near 9th and Chestnut, Stovall said the girl’s father and brother were there.

Stovall said the girl’s brother allegedly got on the bus. Stovall says the driver thought the girls brother was going to attack the student his sister had an issue with.

When the driver told the girl’s brother to get off the bus, he allegedly hit the driver. Stovall said there was a back and forth between the two and when they got down the steps, the girl’s father allegedly started beating the driver too.

Stovall said the driver has broken teeth, possibly a broken nose, jaw, back injuries and might even have a concussion.

Stovall sent WAVE 3 News the following statement:

"It’s a shame a bus driver has to deal with this kind of stuff trying to deliver students home for the day. These are some of the hardships they deal with that most people don’t understand.

You're taking kids home from school and get attacked by parents who should be supporting you. I can't understand how they feel the need to attack the driver over something he cannot control. That's something no one should have to endure while driving a bus."

I hope they prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law.”

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