Teen pleads guilty in court after deadly shooting in Pineville

Teen pleads guilty in man's killing

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Maurice Orear pleaded guilty on Thursday to voluntary manslaughter charges for shooting and killing Nikidrien Bailey, 22.

Orear was just 15-years-old at the time of the crime.

Detectives said Orear and Bailey were fighting in the parking lot of a Pineville apartment complex after Orear was staring at Bailey’s girlfriend, making her feel uncomfortable. The prosecution said Bailey and his girlfriend started driving away, when Orear and a passenger in his car started yelling obscenities at her.

Bailey got out of his car to tell them to stop. That’s when Bailey and Orear got into a fight.

During that fight, Orear pulled out a gun and shot Bailey several times. He also accidentally shot himself in the process.

A friend of the Bailey family addressed Orear in court and said she was praying for him.

“What I said to Maurice, I really meant it from my heart,” Priscilla Stowe told a WBTV reporter outside the courthouse. “We have too much gun violence. Now that he has thought of it, I guarantee he would have rather got a stick, someone help him fight, and all of them would be living.”

Stowe said Bailey was a hard worker who loved his family.

Orear was sentenced 60 to 80 months for his crime.

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