Former Vice President Joe Biden makes campaign stop in Rock Hill

Joe Biden campaigns in South Carolina

ROCK HILL, S.C. (WBTV) - Former Vice President and Democratic Presidential frontrunner Joe Biden made a stop in Rock Hill, S.C., Thursday morning.

Biden held a town-hall event at Clinton College at 11 a.m. An hour before he was set to speak, a long line had already formed with several supporters.

“I know his platform. I support him. I know in my heart Joe Biden is our future. He is our hope. He is the only Democratic candidate that can defeat Donald Trump,” Vicki Campbell of Lancaster, S.C., said.

In his opening remarks, Biden criticized decisions made by the Trump administration. His comments drew rounds of applause.

The first question asked related to the future of healthcare.

“We are overly concerned with how we are going to handle our medical benefits and we certainly don’t want to lose it,” Attendee Bill Oliphant said.

“I believe healthcare is a right not a privilege,” Biden said.

If elected, Biden said he would first restore all cuts made to Obamacare, then expand it by adding a public option.

“The fact is it’s going to cost money. But my plan over the next ten years will cost $740 billion, but everybody would be covered, they’d have all the healthcare they wanted. They could keep what they have, they could decide to get in, but you could make the choice.,” Biden said.

When asked about his views on immigration, Biden said he would implement three changes as president: legalize dreamers, legalizing the 11 million-undocumented-immigrants currently living in America, and sending asylum judges to the border to ensure asylum-seekers get a hearing.

Another attendee asked Biden what his priorities would be and what policies he would champion related to gun violence in America.

He said there are limitations on all amendments, including The Second Amendment.

“Nowhere does it say you can own any kind of weapon you want. No where does it say anyone can own a weapon,” Biden said.

He touched on several other topics in the town hall meeting. His answers solidified what many attendees already decided on.

“I’ve known since he was going to announce that I was going to vote for him but after hearing him today, I’m inspired,” supporter Melissa Jackson said.

Biden continued his visit of South Carolina in Greenville Thursday evening. He planned to make two stops in Greenville, one of which was another Town Hall event.

Biden is the third presidential hopeful to make a stop at Clinton College during this campaign season. Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders have also made Clinton College a stop on their campaign trail.

Republican National Committeeman of South Carolina Glenn McCall responded to Biden’s stop in Rock Hill.

"What he’s selling is not going to sell in South Carolina,” McCall said. "We’re seeing in the Republican party more and more people of color saying privately that they like what President Trump is doing as it relates to them.”

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