Drug deal gone wrong leads up to 2018 crash killing three people

Amber Frazier pleads guilty to charges during a court appearance.

Woman pleads guilty in deadly crash

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - New details were given by attorneys Thursday at the Mecklenburg courthouse on what led up to a 2018 crash that killed three people.

The crash happened in September at the intersection of South Tyron and West Woodlawn Road.

CMPD took Amber Frazier into custody. Thursday in court, she pleaded guilt to multiple charges including involuntary manslaughter.

We now know that Frazier and her passenger in the crash were driving back from a drug deal gone wrong before she crashed into multiple vehicles at a high speed.

According to the prosecution, the passenger in the car, Michael Bradley, met with someone to buy $50 worth of drugs. But the state said he only gave a $5 bill.

Once the dealer realized he was shorted, he began chasing Frazier and Bradley in his car. Witnesses said he rammed his car into the back of theirs several times on the road.

Frazier sped up the car she was driving and didn’t stop at an intersection where she struck two cars, killing Simmie and Sylvia Long, both 67 years old. Frazier’s passenger, Michael Bradley, also died as a result of the crash.

Police said Frazier was under the influence of drugs while she was driving.

Frazier didn’t get sentenced. She is expected to testify in another case involving the crash.

The judge set her bond and she will wear an electronic ankle monitoring device.

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