CMPD: Violent crime task force reports success after two weeks, focusing on repeat violent offenders

CMPD: Nine arrests following task force launch

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - In just two weeks, CMPD’s latest task force tackling violent offenders already has good news to report.

In the two weeks, they’ve arrested nine suspects, served three warrants and seized seven guns, four of which were illegal.

“To reiterate the mission of the task force, these are the people we’re targeting, these violent repeat offenders," said CMPD Captain, Ryan Kendall.

The task force includes officers from multiple departments and allows them to focus on building cases against suspects and making arrests without having to answer 911 calls.

Police said this dedicated task force has already proven to be helpful as violent crime in Charlotte continues to increase.

“We’ve seen several examples of this with people resolving issues with gunfire and innocent bystanders are struck," said Captain Kendall. "Everyone is affected by this and it’s our mission to put a stop to this behavior.”

At CMPD’s weekly press briefing, Officer Kendall detailed some of the task force’s recent arrests, including arrests for shootings into cars and convenience stores. CMPD said between these individuals, they had collectively been arrested 43 times with dozens of charges.

CMPD's latest task force focusing on violent offenders makes arrests in initial two weeks
CMPD's latest task force focusing on violent offenders makes arrests in initial two weeks

Another goal of the task force is getting illegal guns off the streets, something they were able to do in the first two weeks.

“These are not people legally purchasing firearms,” Kendall said. “These are stolen guns recycled back into the community and used in violent crime.”

The task force also said it worked with its partners at the district attorney’s office to make sure one of the violent offenders arrested wasn’t eligible for bond so they can’t get back onto the streets.

CMPD said violent crime is up 18 percent and shootings into occupied homes is up 29 percent compared to this time last year.

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