Rock Hill School District implements clear-bag policy at home football games

New safety rules for football games

ROCK HILL, S.C. (WBTV) - If your child plays football for or against any Rock Hill School District team this year, you will have to submit to new safety procedures at Rock Hill stadiums.

Michael Johnson, the director of safety and security for Rock Hill schools, says the clear-bag-policy is what many other high schools are implementing.

“We are adhering to what are basically national standards and industry norms,” Johnson said. “Whenever you go to a sporting event be it Clemson, Carolina, Panthers, even Carowinds - pretty much everyone is following this same model now.”

The clear-bag policy requires spectators to carry their belongings in a clear bag no bigger than 12 by 12 inches. No purses, backpacks, or other bags will be allowed, except for clutch purses that are smaller than 6 by 4.5 inches.

Upon your arrival to South Pointe High School or the Rock Hill’s District 3 stadium where Rock Hill High and Northwestern play, employees of the school district will check your belongings to ensure it meets security standards. This is to help ensure that no prohibited items are brought into the game.

“We want to create an atmosphere for our fans and our students, for everybody associated with Rock Hill Schools, that is as safe and secure as possible,” Johnson said.

Johnson says the district may carry out the clear bag policy at other district events depending on size. He urges fans to arrive to the game with plenty of time to spare in case there are back-ups during the screening process.

Clover High School is also implementing a clear-bag policy at its football games this year. Fans must also walk through metal detectors before the Clover High School home games.

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