Storms cause significant damage in Statesville; emergency responders also affected

Widespread city damage following storms in Statesville

STATESVILLE, N.C. (WBTV) - A big clean up is underway in Statesville after heavy storms caused widespread damage and left thousands without power overnight.

In one case, the people who are most likely to help you in time of need found themselves in need of help.

Jody Smyre is an Emergency Management Coordinator for Iredell County, wife Kristi is an EMS supervisor. While she was working on Wednesday, Kristy got a call from her son.

“My youngest called and said mom, there’s a tree on our house…and I said okay, stay calm, stay downstairs," Smyre said.

No one was hurt, but the Smyre’s home is one of the most heavily damaged. What was Jody doing when he found out about the damage to his house?

“Responding to a tree in a house out in West Iredell’s area," Jody Smyre said.

It makes the point that damage was widespread across the area. On Stewart Court in Statesville, Richard Wormack and his wife suffered damage to a car and a pickup truck both covered by a fallen tree.

“All of a sudden, 10-15 minutes later I heard big boom…I see the trees over top of her car, I called to her and I said ‘baby you ain’t gonna like this’...she went all to pieces about it," Wormack said.

Just up the street, property manager Daniel Johnson was surveying damage to several rental homes.

“Lot of heavy damage, lot of trees down on roads, power lines down, lot of detours around.”

“I’m just doing the small stuff, my neighbors gonna do the chain saw this afternoon," said homeowner Jerry Campbell.

Some clean up could be done by hand, some required heavy equipment.

At the Smyre’s home, Jody and Kristi were in good spirits considering the damage, and thankful that no one was hurt.

“We’re just thankful that the kids were in the basement, that’s what he told them right before he left the house, get in the basement, and they got in the basement, thank God they were in there," Kristy Smyre said.

As of Thursday afternoon power crews were working to restore electricity for hundreds of residents and businesses.

Several schools were closed in Statesville, while others went on a two-hour-delay.

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