Salisbury City Park lake looking rough, city working on a fix

Salisbury City Park lake looking rough, city working on a fix

SALISBURY, N.C. (WBTV) - A lake at a park in Salisbury is getting a lot of attention, but not for a good reason. Lately, WBTV has heard from several citizens upset at the condition of the lake at the City Park.

Algae and weeds seem to have taken over and there’s a lot of trash.

This is one woman described the lake: “It looks horrible. I’ve never seen it look like this…it really, really looks horrible.”

Sharon Ann Ellis, visiting the park on Wednesday with her granddaughters, say it’s hard to enjoy it when it looks so bad.

“It just looks terrible,” Ellis added.

The lake is part of a Salisbury-city owned park. When asked about the condition of the lake, WBTV was referred to a recently produced Salisbury Now video that specifically addresses what’s happening.

“The new issue is the lake is shallow due to sediments and things that have been running in the lake over the years," said Stephen Brown, Landscape Architect and Project Manager for the City of Salisbury. “Leaves, trash, debris, these kinds of things getting into the lake. What happens when the lake gets shallow, the sunlight makes the nutrients go crazy, and that creates algae.”

The aquatic weed Hydrilla covers a good part of the lake now. A chemical solution didn’t work, but recently 60 grass carp were added.

“They only eat the weeds, 3-4 times their weight in a day," Brown added.

The four-acre lake was built in 1936 and was last dredged in 1996. The city is now asking companies to submit bids to begin the process again.

“It is a multi-step process, so unfortunately we can’t just get a quick dredging estimate on the lake,” said Nick Aceves, Parks & Recreation Director for the City of Salisbury. “It’s not going to be a cheap fix, it’s probably going to be a six figure fix, so we’re just determining what’s the best method to do that and how to finance it out here, you know, in the next year or two.”

Aceves added that city staff are also looking at upgrades for the lake in the future, including a better walking path and possibly a dock or fishing pier.

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