Charlotte teen to present resolution against gerrymandering to council

Charlotte teen to present resolution against gerrymandering to council

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Lily Kubala, 17, did not always have political activism as part of her after school activities.

“A year ago this time, I didn’t know a thing about politics,” the Ardrey Kell senior says.

But, she says, a school government class and some research into worldwide democracies has made her see holes in the one around her.

“I just kind of looked around and didn’t see anything, and I sort of realized the person who needs to do something about this is me,” the teen says.

Now, as part of a national non-partisan, anti-corruption group, Kubala is working to pass state and local laws that give power to the voters.

“2020 is my first vote,” she says. “I would like my vote to count in than very first time.”

That includes writing a resolution herself, against gerrymandering in her area.

“Politicians are picking their voters, when voters should be picking their politicians,” she says.

She will read that resolution before city council August 26.

“It’s going on on both sides, all over the country, and it’s not a partisan problem, it’s just a problem,” she says. “The people should rule, and they’re not in our current system, like they should.”

The group Kubala is working with is called Represent Us, or Represent Charlotte, locally. The group aims to inspire change at state and local levels first, moving toward what it calls the “Anti-Corruption Act.”

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