30-year-old woman killed in multi-vehicle crash on 74 in Monroe

Woman killed in crash, mom and baby OK

MONROE, N.C. (WBTV) - A serious multi-vehicle accident in Union County killed one 30-year-old woman on Sunday afternoon.

A driver of the Honda CRV, Megan Danielle Burnett, 30, of Jefferson South Carolina died as a result of her injuries, according to Monroe Police Department.

The incident took place on 74 near Stafford Street in Monroe and closed down several lanes of traffic as crews began to arrive at the scene.

The Monroe Police Department later confirmed that the accident involved five different vehicles, including two passenger vans, a red Range Rover, a tractor trailer and a Honda CRV.

The driver of the red Range Rover was transported to the hospital for injuries and is expected to be OK.

“I was very sad and hurt for anybody, like somebody’s lost a family member,” said Ruth Woods, a Monroe resident.

“It’s always tragic anytime we lose a member of our community so our heart goes out to the victim," said Lt. Bobby Manus with Monroe Police.

Police say the crash started when the red Range Rover was traveling east down U.S. 74, then crossed a median to the west lane.

“For whatever reason crossed over the median and caused a train--reaction from the cars going in the westbound lane,” said Manus.

Five vehicles including a Tabernacle Christian Childcare and Learning Van were involved.

Drivers on US 74 today backed up with major traffic delays, but mostly hoping the best for the people involved.

“It’s either son, daughter, momma, dad, something. Your reaction is to pray for everyone that’s involved,” said Woods.

Monroe Police are investigating this crash.

Officials are currently investigating the matter and no further information has been released at this time.

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