Panthers’ game night: How to use mobile tickets for the first time

Panthers’ game night: How to use mobile tickets for the first time
The Carolina Panthers are moving to mobile tickets this season as part of a league-wide initiative, starting with Friday night’s preseason game against the Buffalo Bills. The teams are seen here in a joint practice Wednesday. (Source: DAVID T. FOSTER III)

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (Bruce Henderson and Scott Fowler) - The Carolina Panthers are moving to mobile tickets this season as part of a league-wide initiative, starting with Friday night’s preseason game against the Buffalo Bills.

That means your smartphone, not printed-at-home tickets, will get you inside Bank of America Stadium. You’ll also transfer or sell tickets with your phone.

Joe LaBue, Panthers vice president of ticket sales and services, answered media questions Thursday afternoon. He said issues like fraudulent tickets will essentially be eliminated.

“We’ve talked to other teams around the league. We’ve got an understanding of what we are in for,” he said. “We found that going full mobile all at once is the best route to go.”

Here are some of the questions LaBue answered:

Is it correct that ticket holders can use the Panthers and Ticketmaster apps, but don’t need both?

“That’s right. Fans can access mobile tickets either through the Panthers’ mobile app or the Ticketmaster mobile app, or they can use their web browser on their phone. They can go to or to access the mobile tickets.

A lot of fans have wondered, ‘Do I need to download the Panthers app?’ The answer is no. We recommend it. But again, you can use your browser.”

If I transfer tickets to someone else, does the receiver need the Panthers/Ticketmaster apps?

“They do not. They need to access their tickets through the Panthers app, the Ticketmaster app, or they can access it through a Ticketmaster login on their web browser on the phone.

To accept a ticket, they’re going to need to create an account through Ticketmaster, whether that’s through the app or the Ticketmaster browser. That’s up to them. We feel like the Panthers app is the best way to go, obviously, but Ticketmaster will work well, too.

If anyone has gone to any mobile event and used mobile tickets at any arena with Ticketmaster, they are already set up. They’ve got an account. We want to make sure that when they are accepting tickets, we recommend that they use the same email address that they’ve used in the past. It will make life a lot easier for them; they won’t have to set up a second account.”

If I sell the tickets using the Panthers app, does the sale take place on NFL Ticket Exchange or on other platforms?

“NFL Ticket Exchange.”

If someone buys multiple tickets and wants to give one to a fan without a smartphone, how does that happen?

“Contact us. That’s got to be a separate sale of a specific ticket. Call the ticket office at 704-358-7800 and we’ll make arrangements for them so that person can have a ticket. If they’re the account holder or the owner of the ticket, we’ll know who has that ticket, and we’ll be able to give it to whoever they want to give it to.”

Can tickets be bought from scalpers? If so, how do they verify the tickets are valid? Will we be seeing people on the street corners holding up “Need Ticket” signs (I added this one)?

“I hope not. We’ve actually heard from people who have asked us, how are they going to be able to sell their tickets on the street corner? The secondary market exists. The technology is out there. Stubhub, Ticketmaster – all verified reselling sites.”

How often did fraudulent tickets occur in years past?

“Hundreds of times in years past. When we eliminated PDFs last year – we eliminated print-at-home tickets last year – fraudulent tickets went down to about 50 (per game, he means). It was almost cut in half, if not more. Just eliminating PDFs and now eliminating paper tickets – there shouldn’t be any more fraudulent tickets.”

Here are a few more questions answered, according to the Panthers and

How do I access my Panthers tickets?

Single-game tickets bought through Ticketmaster can be accessed by downloading the free Panthers smartphone app. The app is available in the iTunes store for Apple and in the Google Play store for Android phones. Once that’s done, open the app and click “tickets” on the bottom menu and then “my account” at the top to sign in to your Panthers or Ticketmaster account. A barcode for your ticket will be scanned at the gate.

Go to for an illustrated guide.

What if I don’t have a smartphone or can’t download the app?

Call the Panthers ticket office at 704-358-7800. PSL owners can contact Mobile ticketing helpers wearing bright orange shirts with “Need Help?” on the back will also circulate among fans on game day.

Can I have several tickets on a single phone?

Yes. From your app account, tap on the game and then swipe right to left to access available tickets. The Panthers encourage iPhone users to save their tickets to Wallet or Passbook before the game.

When can I access my tickets?

Start early, before the game, making sure you can access your tickets on your app account. On Apple devices, clicking Add to Wallet will make your tickets available at the gate even without an internet connection.

Can I take a screenshot of the ticket?

No. For security reasons, dynamic barcodes on the mobile tickets will keep users from taking screenshots and sending them to multiple people.

How do I transfer Panthers tickets to someone else?

Click “transfer” at the bottom of the main ticket page on your Panthers app. Click the tickets you want, then “transfer to.” You can send tickets by email or text. The receiver will have to download the Panthers or Ticketmaster app to use the ticket on their smartphone. There is no limit on the number of times a ticket can be transferred.

How do I sell my tickets?

From the Panthers app, click “sell” at the bottom of the ticket page. Choose the seats you want to sell, then enter an asking price. Your tickets will be listed on NFL Ticket Exchange/ Ticketmaster. You can also list your tickets on NFL-authorized platforms such as StubHub, using the ticket’s barcode, and section, row and seat. Barcodes are mandatory for the tickets to be authenticated and delivered to the buyer.

Can season tickets be resold as one package?

No. Season tickets must be sold individually for each game.