2019 FFN Electrifying 11: Ray Grier of South Point

2019 FFN Electrifying 11: Ray Grier of South Point
FFN Electrifying 11: Ray Grier of South Point

GASTONIA, N.C. (WBTV) - Ray Grier’s stats won’t wow you but his abilities as a complete wide receiver will and that’s why he is on the 2019 FFN Electrifying 11.

Who is Ray Grier: Senior Wide Receiver

Height: 6 foot 1

Weight: 205 pounds

40 Speed: 4.5

2018 Stats:

27 Catches

541 Yards

7 TD

“Everytime I touch the ball, I know I might not touch it again,” said Ray. “Thats’s why I give it all I got. As soon as it touches my hands my goal is to score."

Because Ray plays for South Point and they run the option, Ray doesn’t get the ball thrown to him a lot. As a team, the Red Raiders only threw the ball 73 times the entire season. So whenever Ray does get the ball, he better make the most of it. He averaged 20 yards per reception so whenever he touches the ball, it is a big play.

The fact that he plays in an option offense is not a bad thing as it is an offense of ultimate team work.

“It’s going to help me be able to block,” said Ray. “No matter how far I go in football, I’m going to know how to block regardless to help my running back out. The best player on the field is the one without the ball so I’m cool with blocking as long as we are winning.”

In his 3 years at South Point, he only has 67 career receptions, 1389 yards, and 20 TD. Doesn’t sound like the stats of a major division 1 recruit, but he had numerous offers from the likes of Virginia Tech, NC State, and South Carolina, but Grier chose...

2019 FFN Electrifying 11: Ray Grier of South Point

College: North Carolina

“I really wasn’t thinking about getting recruited and offers,” said Ray. “I was here to play ball and that stuff comes with it. For me to be able to get offers out of an option formation, that means coaches see something in me and I thank those coaches for putting trust in me.”

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