Rock Hill dog in quarantine after biting 5-year-old boy

Pit bull attacks 5-year-old boy in Rock Hill

ROCK HILL, S.C. (WBTV) - A 5-year-old from Rock Hill is recovering after a dog bit him in the face Monday night.

According to a Rock Hill Police report, officers responded to a home on Arch Drive around 6:46 p.m. The report says a white and black pit bull attacked a 5-year-old. The dog bit the boy in the face.

EMS responded to the scene and treated the child. Rock Hill Police Public Information Officer Lt. Michael Chavis says the boy is expected to be okay.

The report went on to say that a man attempted to kill the dog by choking it. A witness told WBTV that a neighbor pulled the man off the dog before that happened.

Under York County ordinances, when a dog bites or is suspected of biting, it must be put into supervised confinement. Under the ordinance, the owner has three options: to quarantine at home under DHEC regulations, to quarantine at the animal shelter, or at a veterinary hospital.

This portion of the ordinance reads as follows:

(B) The animal control officer shall immediately inform the health department upon receipt of any information concerning an animal bite or a possible animal bite;

(C) The animal control officer, in conjunction with the health department, shall arrange for the supervised confinement of any dog or cat which has bitten a person. The confinement may be on the premises of the owner if the owner will sign a DHEC agreement assuming total responsibility for the safe confinement of the pet or other animal or the confinement may be at the county animal shelter with the current impoundment and boarding fees charged, or the dog or cat may be confined at a private animal shelter or a veterinary hospital at the owner's expense;

(D) Any dog or cat which has bitten a person must be confined for a period of at least ten days. The health department or the animal control officer shall be permitted by the owner or keeper of the dog or cat to examine the same at any time and daily if desired within the ten-day period of confinement to determine whether the animal shows symptoms of rabies. No person shall obstruct or interfere with the animal control officer or the health department in making the examination;”

In a statement to WBTV, York County officials explained that animal control officers offered to quarantine the dog at the animal shelter.

“Animal Control offered to quarantine the dog in accordance with the Animal Control ordinance; as well as, presented quarantine/confinement options outlined in the Ordinance. Owner signed DHEC agreement allowing for confinement on owner premises. Animal Control notified the owner that Animal Control could take the dog after the 10-day quarantine period as an owner surrender if the owner does not wish to retain ownership at that time.”

Comer says if the owner wanted to quarantine the dog at the shelter, she would have made room even though they are housing nearly two times as many dogs as the shelter has room for.

The York County Animal Shelter has been overcrowded for most of the summer. In June, investigators with the York County Sheriff’s Office busted a possible dog-fighting ring on McConnell’s Highway. The York County Animal Shelter took in 42 pit bulls as a result.

Just over a week after the dog fighting bust, the animal shelter took in 56 dogs that were confiscated from poor living conditions at a home in Clover.

Comer says the community stepped up and many animals were adopted or fostered to make room for the influx of dogs.

“I’m actually proud and I know that’s strange to say, but to see the community and volunteers come to support the shelter is amazing,” Come said.

But the shelter continues to stay above capacity. They are asking for the community to help them with fosters, adoptions, and advocating for the animals staying in the shelter. Comer says they’ve only had one adoption this week.

The shelter is also above capacity for its cat population. According to Comer, the shelter has 160 cat kennels. Right now, she says, they are housing 227 cats.

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