CMS Board Chair says district won’t be silent concerning racist letters

Racist messages sent to school leaders

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - 24 hours after a racist letter was sent targeting new Charlotte Mecklenburg School (CMS) superintendent Earnest Winston -who is African American - school board chair Mary McCray is not taking this lightly.

The author of the letter used the "N" word three times to describe Winston and wrote “Just remember Winston, karma is a “one-eyed [expletive]” and I hope she comes for you in the very near future.”

“We are not going to sit and be silent,” CMS School Board Chair Mary McCray said. “And just let this abuse occur.”

CMS has received three hateful letters all in one week. McCray says she has been told if another threatening racist letter comes - take it to law enforcement and they will handle it. WBTV asked McCray what was Superintendent Winston’s reaction to the letter.

“I asked him not to read it,” McCray said. “I told him it was being handled and not to worry about it.”

The district says a 72-year-old man from Cornelius sent the letter to Winston. Cornelius Police went to the man’s house to warn him not to do this again. Officers told him if he did and it rose to the level of a criminal offense - charges could be filed.

“I hope that people have moved on from this,” McCray said. “And have accepted the fact that the board has made this decision. We’re standing by our decision and the rhetoric is not going to change that decision.”

These racist letters come less than two weeks before classes start in CMS.

“It is not going to distract us from what our mission and vision and core values are all about,” McCray said. “And that is each morning - waking up - thinking what can I do to make a child’s day great.”

CMS says as of Thursday, no new hateful letters have come to the district.

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