Storms cause heavy damage in Alexander County

Storms cause heavy damage in Alexander County

ALEXANDER COUNTY, N.C. (WBTV) - Severe thunderstorms caused heavy damage to property in Alexander County Tuesday afternoon.

There were several trees that toppled onto homes, and one happened on Skyline Road. The root of the tree was suspended in the air.

A woman was in her home on Shiloh Church Road with her baby when a tree crashed through. No one was hurt.

She thanked God that she, her kids and pets were able to escape alive.

“We’re just glad to be safe, for just getting us out,” the woman said.

That woman says her cat was still in the house, but she thinks it’s okay, just probably a little scared.

A strong gust of wind damaged the front glass window panels of the Bethlehem Pharmacy. Workers at the pharmacy moved all customers to the back of the store until the storm passed.

No one was hurt.

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