Salisbury Fleet receives emergency vehicle technician certification

Salisbury Fleet receives emergency vehicle technician certification
(City of Salisbury)

SALISBURY, N.C. (WBTV) - The Salisbury Public Services Department has announced that 10 of its fleet division employees are now certified Emergency Vehicle Technicians (EVT). The certification represents the fleet staff has successfully passed the training to maintain, diagnose and repair emergency vehicles used by the Salisbury Fire Department.

“We are proud to have so many of our fleet employees achieve this certification,” said Jake Sterling, fleet manager. “We developed an in-house training program that took six months to prepare for the tests. Since the fire department has more stringent maintenance and repair procedures, this training and certification has given us the knowledge and tools to better support the department by keeping their vehicles better maintained and in service.”

The Fire Apparatus Technician Certification track has three levels of certification. Each level requires specific EVT exams and Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) heavy-duty truck exams. The exams cover the design and performance standards, specialized systems and equipment, and accepted practices used in the service and maintenance of fire apparatus.

Fleet division employees who received EVT certification:

Level F1

Corey Blevins

Jimmy Coulter

Rick Kepley

David Owens

Jeremy Parnell

Aaron Pless

Matt Toney

Trent Pence

Level F2

Keith Redman

Jake Sterling

For more information about the Emergency Vehicle Technicians Certification Program, visit:

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