More storms in today’s forecast

WBTV Wednesday morning weather forecast

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Today marks the ninth straight day of 90° plus, as I’m forecasting a high in Charlotte of 93°. Of course, being August, you know the humidity level is sky-high, so the heat index today will push 99°-103° for at least a couple of hours this afternoon before any cooling storms come to town.

The front that moved our way from the Ohio Valley Tuesday that brought so many storms and severe weather is now pushing south across the WBTV viewing area. With it loitering across the neighborhood today, there will still be a few scattered thunderstorms, though I’m not forecasting widespread severe weather.

The front then looks to push just a little bit more southeast of the WBTV area Thursday, so rain chances then pare back to about 20%. Friday and the weekend will bring highs in the lower 90s with ample sunshine to go around.

Model data suggest the front will continue to slowly drift toward the coast where it is likely to stall over the weekend.

As such, the greatest rain chances appear to be along the I-95 corridor and the beaches. As for rain, there’s still some debate in the models as to how much – if any – rain we may still get during the weekend, but considering the heat and humidity around this time of the year, I wouldn’t rule out a stray thundershower either Saturday or Sunday.

Do your best to keep cool!

- Meteorologist Al Conklin

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