Charlotte father who was laid off gets flooded with job offers

Updated: Aug. 9, 2019 at 8:41 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - This week, a Charlotte father stood at a busy intersection in Ballantyne, looking for a job.

The signs read “Laid off! Need a job. Take a resume. BA and MBA.”

Michael Bridges, 28, says after spending hours each day applying to jobs he decided to try this approach.

On Friday, he said his approach has paid off.

“I have 100 missed emails,” Bridges said.

He says he started in uptown Charlotte, but got results on his second day when he went to Ballantyne.

He passed out 50 resumes, and now he is getting support from all across the world.

“The response has been so massive. I’ve even had people from Canada sending words of encouragement and I’ve had people from all across the country saying they’re in the same situation as me and that just motivated them to find a job,” Bridges said.

He says he even had a job offer in Sweden.

After struggling for a few months, and even having to pick and choose which bills to pay, Bridges said the support is overwhelming.

He says he is grateful and wants to give some advice to job seekers.

“Just as long as you remain humble and hungry, your determination will see it all. I had a lot of determination so that’s why I stood out there and I put my pride to the side,” Bridges said.

He says he needs to consult with his wife before choosing which offer to go with.

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