16-year-old accused of having weapon of mass destruction, also suspected in series of shootings in Shelby

Police: Cleveland Co. teen may be tied to 13 shootings

SHELBY, N.C. (WBTV) - Up until July, incidents of gun violence had been declining in Shelby.

In the space of a few weeks though, several homes and cars were shot up and at least three people were wounded in total of 13 incidents.

“Shelby is not like this,” Police Captain Steve Seate said.

Investigators determined 16-year-old Malik Jones should be questioned in the incidents. He was located last weekend sitting in an SUV in a driveway.

Once authorities had him out of the vehicle they found a handgun, AR-15 rifle and a sawed off shotgun. The shotgun qualified as a weapon of mass destruction.

Charges were filed for that and following some investigation, Jones was also charged with two counts of possessing stolen vehicles.

So far, he has not been charged with the series of shootings but police do believe he was involved in some way.

“We do look for more charges to come,” Seate said.

Police believe Jones was not alone in the shootings and that other teens played a part too.

“This is sad,” Seate said. “This young man is making horrible mistakes and hanging out with the wrong people and he’s ruining his life.”

Jones is being kept in a juvenile section of the county jail, but is being charged as an adult. He is behind bars under a bond of $650,000.

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