Dream on 3 celebrates Queen City Business of the Year

Dream On 3: Small business to be recognized at gala

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - “Queen City Business of the Year” is an award given in January from local charity Dream On 3, to a local business who shows themselves as well-rounded and a supporter of making dreams come true for kids.

This year, the award is separating into two winners: “Large business” and “Small business.”

“Queen City Business of the Year is our idea for showcasing companies that want to be influential in helping dreams come true,” charity co-founder Brandon Lindsey said. “This year is the first year for a small business category. We’ve always had lots of interest before but these small businesses didn’t want to go up against big banks and international companies. Now we’re hoping to change that.”

Dan Davis owner of Davco Roofing, said his company saw great impact after winning in the title in 2017.

“Not just in employee morale, but also in as a snowball effect,” he said. “Suddenly you have a culture in your company you didn’t know was there.”

If you’re interested in learning more for your own business, email Sarah Kaplan with Dream On 3 at sarah@dreamon3.org

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