Summer’s over for school kids in Avery County

Earliest start to school year in decades for Avery County

NEWLAND, N.C. (WBTV) - It’s time to set those morning alarms in Avery County. The public school system’s first day of class is Wednesday.

It comes about two weeks earlier than in recent years and is a good thing, officials say.

Last year, students missed 12 days of class in the first semester because of snow and ice.

It meant high school students had to take their end of first semester tests during the second semester.

School leaders had lobbied state officials for years to allow them to change the start date.

This year, the school board found that some year-round school rules might allow them to do that.

The early start date could also mean an earlier finish date. The calendar now has the school year ending in May but officials say that will depend on the weather throughout the year.

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