Forever Family celebrates 2-year anniversary with WBTV

Published: Aug. 6, 2019 at 7:39 PM EDT
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(WBTV) - It’s hard to believe two years have passed since Forever Family was welcomed on air by WBTV.

If I told you that our Forever Family staff and crew would have been prepared for the side aches from laughing, the random comments that had us turning our head or the surprising amount of energy one man can contain I would be lying.

WBTV provided us with the incredible opportunity to come on their station with Forever Family, and as a bonus allowed us the privilege to work with their vibrant weather man.

We love the chance to bring the stories of these remarkable children looking for a home and share them with the community.

We thought we were blessed to do the work we do because enjoying time with these children is such a gift. We didn’t realize that our days at “work” filming would quickly become that much more enjoyable by having Eric on set with us.

WBTV’s meteorologist has a unique way of connecting with our children and getting them to come out of their shell. Sometimes he did that by shocking them with his wild and silly antics. Other times he would blurt out random things that has everyone tilting their head slightly and lifting one eyebrow slightly in wonder and amusement.

But most of all what Eric has brought is fun, spontaneity, laughter and above all sincerity. Eric enjoys what he does and that is apparent in every moment of the day. He is always willing to jump in and do activities with the kids, no matter how silly or how tiring.

Eric is humble and thoughtful when it comes to working with our staff and always grateful as if we are doing something nice for him and not the other way around. He is vulnerable enough to share his personal testimony and heart for foster care with others and make others feel as if they are a part of his story and the stories of our featured children.

WBTV takes pride in the work that they do and that is evident in their generosity of sharing a gem like Eric Thomas with us. Their willingness to bring the stories of vulnerable children to Charlotte and the surrounding areas is an incredible blessing that has not only helped children find families, but has also recruited more foster families.

WBTV has helped build connections and raise awareness about various programs in North Carolina that serve our beloved population. As evident in this week’s segment the last two years have been nothing shy of moments woven together with laughter and fun.

Our executive Director at Seven Homes, Ken Maxwell says it best. “This work we do in foster care is hard and painful. We carry the burdens of our children, and that is not easy, so at the very least we are going to try to find moments to make good memories for them and have fun.”

To our beloved Eric Thomas and WBTV you have allowed Forever Family to do just that. Your generosity has made an incredible impact in the lives of local foster children, but we love most is that you have made it FUN!

This article was written by Ashley McKinley. the Program Development Director and North Carolina Forever Families Coordinator with Seven Homes Inc.

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