‘A miracle,’ Sheriff says after deputy survives serious crash following car chase

Deputy seriously hurt in crash during chase

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, S.C. (WBTV) - A deputy seriously injured in a crash in Chesterfield County is in the hospital fighting to recover.

Chesterfield County Sheriff says 27-year-old Deputy Lauren Brock was on a pursuit when she crashed into a tree Friday night in the Ruby area. She had to be flown out from the crash site to the hospital for her injuries.

“Your mind goes to the worst,” said Chesterfield County Sheriff JD Dixon.

Sheriff Dixon got the call this weekend that one of his deputies, Brock, was in a serious crash.

He rushed to the scene and saw the whole driver-side door ripped off her car, shattered glass, and airbags deployed.

“If you looked at it you wouldn’t think anyone would walk away from it. It was in that bad of shape,” said Dixon.

One of the first deputies who responded to the crash saw it and said they couldn’t believe anyone would be alive inside. But the deputy then heard a yell from Brock, inside, still fighting for life.

"To me it’s amazing, a miracle, she was able to come out of that vehicle,” said Dixon.

The 27-year-old was airlifted for a femur broken in 3 places and a broken knee. Just before she flew away, she had a moment with Dixon.

"I knew she was in pain, but I knew things were going to be alright because she looked back at me and kind of smiled,” said Dixon.

Friends said off camera that smile is a fixture for Brock. They say her dream was always to work in law enforcement.

Brock works on the bloodhound team and has been with the department for 3 years.

"Lauren’s a compassionate person, she knows how to talk to people. She can get touch when it’s time to get tough,” said Dixon.

Even now from her hospital bed, her friends say she's planning out how soon she can get back to serving with her team.

"Our department is close-knit, more of a family environment. It takes a toll on all of us because you don’t want to see anyone hurt or in the hospital,” said Dixon.

The Sheriff says all day today deputies have been out searching for those the persons Deputy Brock was helping to chase down.

We’ll let you know if they catch them.

Brock is in and out of surgery and expected to make it, but has a long road to recovery.

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