Storms likely again on Friday

Thursday night weather forecast: 11pm

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Let’s put Thursday to bed! After a day with storms that produced downed trees, hail, incredible lightning and localized flooding I expect most storms should die out overnight giving everyone a chance to head off to work and school Friday morning without much disruption.

Little change expected Friday with another day of multiple rounds of showers and strong thunderstorms.

I anticipate fewer storms over the weekend, but by no means, zero storms. So folks with outdoor plans should continue to remain alert and vigilant.

Temperatures however are anything but alarming as we will spend most of the next week with highs only in the 80s, so no heatwaves are coming our way anytime soon.

It still would not hurt to check on the elderly and double checking you’re not leaving kids in cars as this level of heat and humidity can still be a dangerous combination in a short period of time.

Meteorologist Eric Thomas

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