Major washout may force couple out of home in Statesville

Major washout may force couple from their home in Statesville

STATESVILLE, N.C. (WBTV) - A couple that moved into a Statesville home about a year ago may be forced to move out due to a washout.

The homeowners say rain caused the washout that could eventually take the house.

“80-foot-long, 30-foot-wide, 25-foot deep,” homeowner Cody Hubbard said about the size of the washout.

Hubbard says the washout is continually growing.

“One day it’ll grow six foot in a day, one day it’ll grow a foot,” Hubbard said.

Where was once backyard, now looms empty space. The problem, according to Hubbard, is a drainage pipe.

On dry days, there’s no problem, but when it’s forced to work hard during summer storms or rains from hurricanes, the runoff, Hubbard says, takes his property with it.

“When you see something like that you think ‘oh, well somebody who makes a lot more money than me a year put that in. They knew what they were doing,’" Hubbard said. "Well, they didn’t really know what they were doing because otherwise, according to three engineers and a contractor that came and looked at it, they would have ran that drainpipe to the creek.”

Hubbard started documenting the washout starting last September, and it continuously grew. Now, only 10 feet from his house, he’s facing a dire reality.

“My homeowners insurance refuses to cover any part of it,” Hubbard said.

In fact, Hubbard says he’s reached out to everyone from the county to his homeowners association – and he says no one is offering to help.

“So at this point it looks like foreclosure is going to be my only option,” Hubbard said.

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