Forever Family: Meet Josh

Published: Jul. 30, 2019 at 9:27 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - This week’s segment is about a boy named Joshua. As I thought about this young man and I listened to his social worker share parts of his journey in foster care I thought of all the reasons this young man has to doubt that adults are trustworthy, loving, and want what is best for him. Over the years these life experiences cause our children in foster care to build up emotional walls of mistrust and fear. These walls take years to build and can sometimes take just as long to tear down. Based on his comment, “I want a mom and dad who won’t fight,” this young man reminded me that his walls once stood strong and tall.

Joshua stands staring at a barrier that has been built over years during his time in foster care. However, the hope of having a forever family, and his desire to be a son has started the process of taking down his walls. I cannot help but think of the biblical character, Joshua and the story of the wall of Jericho. Joshua is remembered in the Bible for being the fierce leader that brought down the walls of Jericho by having his people march around the city for 7 days. Joshua marched in faith believing he would prevail. Much like the Joshua of the Bible, this strong red head who came to filming desires to see his own walls crumble. He desires to fully trust and love a family, his family. Joshua wants parents to walk with him and complete the process of breaking through.

Joshua needs a mom and a dad who see won’t see this journey as defeat, but an opportunity for a better life for him. I believe that out there is an incredible family who will see his video and will be inspired. Parents who do not simply see a wall that keeps them out, but a way in. It is my greatest hope that a family watching will see their own strength and ability to bring down the remainder of his walls and help this young man heal. A chance to work alongside Joshua with bravery and courage. Joshua has started this journey as demonstrated in his willingness to be vulnerable during his interview. He wants the chance to find parents who will put forth the effort with him to build a new life. My hope for Joshua is that he would continue to believe that his forever parents are out there. My desire is that his forever family would see this segment and be willing to walk with him as he continues towards healing. My belief is that much like the Joshua in the Bible, the end of this story will result in his walls of mistrust coming down.

Ultimately, I know that Joshua will be known for his courage and his willingness to be patient and be able to boldly proclaim, “I was strong and courageous, and now I am home.”

Ashley McKinley, Program Development Director, North Carolina Forever Families Coordinator, Seven Homes Inc

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