Charlotte 49ers start 2019 with a new coach and a new intensity

Charlotte 49ers start 2019 with a new coach and a new intensity

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - After one day under new head coach Will Healy and the other new coaches for the Charlotte 49ers, the players already notice a difference.

“They are high intensity and they are going to hold us to a different standard,” said 49ers free safety Ben DeLuca.

Intensity, intensity, intensity! That is what Healy is preaching to his new team.

“What you are trying to do right now is set a standard,” said Healy. “The intensity ramped up. I’m very pleased but we are not where we need to be but that is expected.”

“How we take the field, our energy in between plays, it has to be at a high standard and we are not coming off of it,” said DeLuca. “The standard is ‘Gold Standard’ and if we are not meeting that standard then someone else has to be put in.”

The practice is fast paced. There is no wasted time. If you are out of shape and can’t keep up, you get passed. That’s the new standard for Charlotte football.

Along with new coaches comes new traditions. One has to do with turnovers. The Niners only had 16 in 2018 and coach wants even more in 2019. So to celebrate every turnover in practice, the defense will get the chance to dunk the ball in a trash can as they celebrates with teammates.

“I think it helps us defensively to take pride in creating turnovers,” said coach. “It adds something to practice and it’s added something to games as well in the past. I just want them to understand the significance when we get a turnover, what it could mean."

Coach is realistic and knows one good practice doesn’t mean this team is ready to play their first game now. It’s a process and this is just step one. He calls it “patience with a sense of urgency”.

“You don’t have to be in game shape and you don’t have to execute at a level that’s going to help you win games on day one of fall camp,” said Healy. “There are still plenty of things we need to work on, but we have to have a sense of urgency with getting there. We have to get better from day to day. It’s realistic. We don’t have to be there tomorrow, but it’s understanding that we can’t take a day off.”

The team will host their first scrimmage on August 10th and will kick off the regular season August 29th when they host Gardner-Webb.

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