Put money in your pocket through the Equifax settlement

Getting paid after getting hacked

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Nearly half of Americans have an opportunity to put some money in their pocket after the Federal Trade Commission reached a settlement with Equifax. The credit monitoring company was hacked in 2017 and the personal information of more than 146 million people was compromised.

Iredell County’s Kristi McElfresh was one of them.

“It’s like I had no control over who I was and I was the one that was having to constantly prove who I am,” McElfresh said.

McElfresh showed WBTV financial records indicating she was a victim of identity theft more than nine separate times.

McElfresh signed up for notifications from the FTC and was surprised and pleased to receive an email saying that a settlement was reached and that she could file a claim to get money back.

“Do not think that it’s not worth your time to file, just take the time and do it,” McElfresh said.

To check to and see if you were compromised in the Equifax breach and thus eligible for the settlement click here.

Once you’ve determined if you’re eligible click here to learn how to file a claim.

There are two different filing methods.

The first one allows you to sign up for free credit montitoring services or take a $125 payout from Equifax.

The second one is for people who have spent time and lost money as a result of being a victim of identity theft. Payouts are maximized at $20,000.

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