Driver charged after towed food trailer splinters on Interstate 40

Driver charged after towed food trailer splinters on Interstate 40
(Source: Steve Ohnesorge)

MORGANTON, NC (WBTV) - Tim Michaels says it was his lifelong dream to start a food truck or trailer business. He found a vintage camper and transformed it, he says, into a state of the art, wood fired pizza kitchen.

He planned to tow it to events and Thursday in Asheville would be the first one. It won’t happen now, as the food trailer is now in hundreds of pieces.

It happened on Interstate 40 Tuesday morning as he was towing it.

“My wheel broke and I went into a spin,” he said.

He wasn’t hurt and the food trailer was intact and on its side. Troopers and rescue crews responded. An ambulance was the first to arrive. As it slowed down, a Fed Ex truck behind it slowed down too. An 18 wheeler behind them, though, could not.

The truck hit the Fed Ex vehicle and both hit the ambulance, say troopers. Two paramedics inside suffered some minor bruises. They were taken to a hospital, treated and released.

In the process, though, the Fed Ex truck slammed into the food trailer and what was in one piece became hundreds.

“I hate to see it looking like that,” said Michaels.

Troopers blame the wreck on Michaels not having the proper vehicle to tow the food truck. They said he would be charged with careless and reckless driving.

Michaels says despite everything, he plans to start all over and build a new food trailer, “Because you just don’t give up on your dream.”

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