Multiple local government websites attacked by hackers

Government websites attacked by hackers

(WBTV) - Multiple local government websites have been attacked by hackers in the last few days, including, but not limited to, Lincoln County, Concord and Anson County.

According to the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office, officials are working to recover from a ransomware attack that happened early Wednesday morning.

Deputies say the night shift noticed the system went down around 12:30 a.m. and contacted the IT Department.

“It was not a security breach where the hackers retrieved information but they destroyed the recent system backup and encrypted the information on the main server preventing access,” Lincoln County Sheriff Bill Beam said.

The sheriff’s office contacted the FBI and they immediately started an investigation. IT personnel from the Sheriff’s Office are working to gain access to the files and update security. No information on the computers was compromised.

Officials say the sheriff’s office website had been taken down and will be put back up as soon as possible.

Anson County’s website appears to have been attacked as well as hackers have left vulgar language on the site.

The city of Concord’s website is working again after the site was attacked by hackers who apparently also targeted several other websites globally Thursday night.

According to the City of Concord, as of Friday morning, remained unavailable after it was defaced by a hacker that made similar attacks on a variety of websites around the world late Thursday evening.

Officials say the city’s data services team immediately disabled the website upon learning of the incident.

By 1 p.m. Friday afternoon, staff completed their work restoring to normal status. All features and services are now available, and staff implemented security improvements to prevent a similar attack in the future.

“The City of Concord apologizes to anyone who may have seen inappropriate language on its website and to any customers who may be inconvenienced while the issue is resolved,” an email read.

As of this time, officials say it appears there is no loss or breach of data.

Concord officials say staff will continue monitoring their website and other technology infrastructure against potential threats.

In 2017, Mecklenburg County’s online systems and applications were compromised in a ransomware attack that left more than 80 services frozen.

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