Back to School With Ryan Blaney

Ryan Blaney host back to school event at Team Penske

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - NASCAR is in the midst of it’s season, and while teams and drivers are busy preparing for the next race, they always find a way to give back. Team Penske driver Ryan Blaney is no different, hosting a back to school lunch for kids at the team shop in Mooresville.

“They had some pretty unique questions and it’s cool to see kids who are really excited to be here - see the race shop, see the cars being able to talk to them for a little bit that part is really really special,” Blaney said.

One of the questions asked turned from a simple Q&A about racing to a life lesson.

“A kid asked me, how does Ryan Blaney win? I kinda told him how you can win a race, but I also told him I think winning in life is good. I think a how you do that, especially at a young age, you can really mold yourself after being nice to people," Blaney said. “I think if you’re just kind to everybody in your school especially at a young age you just grow up to be a kind person. I think that’s the biggest win you can have in life is being nice to everybody and showing respect to everybody.”

Meanwhile on the track, Blaney is still searching for his first win this season.

“There’s definitely been highs and lows for sure. You’ll have that a lot, we’ve just had a little bit too much of it this year. Luckily, we’re only just over halfway through and that we can still turn it around," Blaney said.

This weekend NASCAR returns to Pocono, the track where Blaney won his first Cup Series race.

“Its always nice going back to a track you’ve had success on just gives you confidence from the get go."

Green flag at Pocono is set to wave at 3 o’clock on Sunday.

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