Forever Family: Meet Riley

Forever Family: Meet Riley

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Yin-Yang. Our phenomenal hair and makeup artist for Forever Family recently got a tattoo on her arm that we all saw at our most recent shoot. Her tattoo had a yin-yang that serves as the middle of a larger picture of a compass. I asked her about it and she shared about the light and darkness of their foster care and adoption journey that represented the middle. She shared about how ultimately that their experience directed their family, much like a compass to someplace beautiful that they would not have traveled to otherwise.

That imagery stayed with me throughout our most recent shoot. It especially came to mind as I observed a blonde haired, blue eyed eight year old girl named Riley. I thought about all her unique balances within her personality in so many different aspects. I thought of a yin-yang. This eight year old loved to get dolled up, sharing one of her favorite parts of the day was getting her make-up done... She is feminine. Then I observed Riley keeping up with our teens we filmed that day and sharing about her love of karate and kickboxing… She is tough and she is brave. This feisty girl loved to be social, and didn’t stop talking throughout the day. She especially lit up when she got to be the center of attention with all eyes on her… She is extroverted.

Riley thrives when she has the lead of a strong mother role and will soak up all that undivided attention that will allow her to flourish and heal… She will best thrive as an only child in her forever home. Riley enjoyed having the crew attend to her, she loved when others did things for her or when she had to rely on others… She enjoys being nurtured. This sweet second grader walked through the studio with confidence, tried new things, articulated her wants and needs and took the initiative to make this day everything she wanted it to be,… She is independent. This incredible young girl has had to find joy in difficult circumstances. She had to create her own balance which has shaped her identify into this remarkable young girl who is made up of seemingly opposite traits that blend together beautifully.

My hope is for families out there to see these unique pieces of Riley and how they all fit together. Ultimately, like the tattoo that is forever etched on our make-up artist’s arm, I hope and pray that Riley's forever family would be the compass for her. That they would help come alongside her on this journey and embrace all those pieces that make Riley who she is. That in hard moments of parenting they would appreciate her strength, in the moments where it is easy that they would remember the hard parts of her journey that allowed her to make it them. Embracing the yin-yang in every aspect in order to help complete their family.

We hope as forever family to help be the a part of that journey, to be as a compass to help her family and Riley find their journey to each other and ultimately, helping lead Riley home.

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