2 dogs found dead in creek in Hickory, investigation underway

Dogs found dead, wrapped in sheets in Hickory

HICKORY, N.C. (WBTV) - Officials say two dogs were found dead in a creek in Hickory Sunday.

Roger Acker was walking through a wooded area behind L.P. Frans Stadium when he stumbled upon the dogs wrapped in sheets in the creek.

“It’s not everyday you walk up on a sight like that," Acker said. "It’s kind of startling.”

Acker led police to the secluded area where he found the dogs.

Animal Control officers responded and recovered the bodies of what appear to be two pit bull dogs for examination.

Hickory Police Chief Thurman Whisnant said one had been shot and they are trying to figure out how the other dog died.

The department is having difficulty figuring out who did this to the dogs because the collar found on one dog was blank, and neither dog is microchipped.

They canvassed the area but did not get any new information.

Chief Whisnant said it’s possible the dogs were placed further up the creek and they moved downstream with all the rain in the area.

Acker posted the following on Facebook:

“Found these pups laying in a creek near the Crawdads stadium. 😔 If anyone is missing these pups or know anything about them, contact me privately or Hickory Police Dept. Description : #1 Adult Male( maybe a brindle type color or dark Grey or black, with a green collar.Shot in the legs Description : #2 Male puppy( tan brown color) no collarShot in head and side.”

The investigation is ongoing.

“These kind of cases really pull at your heart strings so we’d really like to find out what happened," Chief Whisnant said.

Anyone with information regarding this investigation is encouraged to call the Hickory Police Department at 828-328-5551 or contact the main investigator at 828-261-2621.

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