Bear sightings continue in western NC counties

Bears spotted roaming around Watauga County

BOONE, N.C. (WBTV) - It is that time of year when bears are on the move - and folks in Watauga County can attest to that.

There have been dozens of sightings in recent weeks of bears with cubs and some solitary bears, too. In one family’s back yard, cellphone video shows the mother feeding on what’s left in a bird feeder while three cubs are climbing the trees and playing.

“It’s just crazy,” said Thomas Loflin, who saw those bears last week.

He and his family stayed back, just in case.

Experts say that’s the smart thing to do. They advise anyone who comes in close proximity to a bear to leave it alone and especially don’t feed it or leave food for it. Eventually the bear will go on its way.

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